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Winter 2017

The Wandering Way: An exploration of spiritual autobiography

Class is full.  Please send an email if you want to be on a wait-list.

In the introduction to The Best Spiritual Writing of 2013, Stephen Prothero writes:

I began my first and only sermon by observing that wandering is a key theme in the world’s religious and literary traditions: Abraham and Moses were wanderers… Ulysses wanders for years across the pages of the Greek classic The Odyssey… and the Mesopotamian tale of Gilgamesh concerns a seemingly invulnerable god-man who makes a friend, a friend he loves, a friend who dies, whose death brings him grief, which grief sets him wandering.  The gods may sit, I said, but to be human is to live between road and home, movement and rest, exile and return.

What is spiritual writing?  We’ll be writing our way into this question and its many responses during this six-session series of classes. Looking at passages from classic and contemporary writing that carry the label, “spiritual,” we’ll locate the places in our lives that mirror some of the themes of this work: friendship, love, loss, belief and change.

Where are the points where we took a less-traveled road?  What can we find from reflecting on the times we floundered, failed, succeeded and changed?  What themes wind their ways throughout history into our own lives?  Who has accompanied us on this way?  What events immersed us in a wider view of the culture in which we find ourselves?

In the “wandering way,” we’ll be generating draft writing where all levels are welcome and supported.  For the last class, participants will complete an essay from the this exploratory writing.

“If by fate or by Providence you happen to find yourself in a wandering way,” says Prothero, “try not to listen to the voices in your head telling you that wandering is wrong or wasteful.  Nothing is going to die, and something might actually be born, if you turn off your computer, leave your ‘real work’ behind, and go out on a wander without any particular purpose or destination in mind.”

Please join us to wander at Tabor Space (5441 SE Belmont) in the Art Space Room from 9-12 a.m. on the following dates: January 14, 21, 28th  and February 4, 11 and 18th

To register or ask questions send an email via the connect page.
Tuition of $225 for 6 classes can be mailed to:
Melissa Madenski * 2537 NE 56th #25 * Portland, Oregon 97213
OR brought to the first class session.

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